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In Punta Alice, a strip of land that edges towards the Ionic Sea, there is the small city of Ciro Marina. Awash with sea green, illuminated by a clear sun under an ever-blue sky and surrounded by colourful hills, the Ciró Marina territory could never not be used, since the time of Magna Graecia (Krimisa) for the cultivation of grapes, from which the most prestigious wine is drawn, known fondly as “Nectar of the Gods”, and which is still the cause of pride today.

And in this marvellous land, our family wine business is found, where the grapes are brought to the modern cellar, recently built, the covered complex extends for some 1,300 square metres, there is capacity for 3,000 hls of storage in stainless steel, connected with an electronic system for the regulation of temperatures in fermentation of the must and during the period of finishing of the wine, a truly advanced technological production.

A project that is guaranteed to constantly improve our wines, client satisfaction, attention to safeguarding the environment, given that our cellar has been certified ISO 14001.

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