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Today, as then, the Cremissa was and is the “official wine of the Olympiad” and was probably the first example of sponsorship according to its current definition. The same Milo of Croton, winner of six Olympiads, seemed to be a great admirer of this wine that, according to tradition, was offered to the victorious athletes of the Olympic competitions.

The tradition has been brought to its highest point, above all by re-launching the image of Cirò which went recently to the Olympiads of Mexico City in 1968 and Athens in 2004, where all the participating athletes had the opportunity of tasting the Cirò as the official wine.

With the decline of Magna Graecia, the cultivation of grapes underwent a notable breakdown and lost all its previous importance.

Probably, however, the greatest crisis which has now been brilliantly overcome, was suffered by the Calabrian wine production in the nineteenth-century when the arrival of vine louse caused the decimation of the vineyards and the near destruction of cultivation.

In recent years, the Cirò, especially with the Red, White and Rosé varieties, has been reclaiming its ancient grandeur, by virtue of the numerous businesses that have learned how to renew themselves, without denying their tradition, both with respect to the true vineyards and the techniques of wine making.

Thanks to the three types of Cirò wine that the vineyards offer, this wine goes well with every type of meal: red and rosé usually accompany meat dishes, while the white is irreplaceable with fish dishes and traditional desserts. 

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