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The history of Cirò, ancient Ypriscron, a place exposed to the winds, is deeply fascinating. Archaeological digs have uncovered the presence, on site, of indigenous populations from the Iron Age. The site was the theatre for a harmonious meeting between two different civilisations: the geniality and richness of the Greeks merged with the elegance and the practicality of the Latin civilisation.

The first Greek settlers who disembarked on the Calabrian coast were so impressed by the fertility of the land that was rich with vineyards that they called it “Enotria”, that is, “land where they cultivate the best grapes of the land”.

The same ancient name of Calabria was then extended to all of Italy. The value that the Greeks gave to the Calabrian vineyards was great: in fact, there was an appreciation land that been cultivated for grapes was worth about six times the land that was cultivated for grain.

The Greek peasants brought their new wine making techniques and new vines to plant: there are in fact, some types of grape, still present in Calabria, that are probably of Greek origin, hence the gaglioppo, the Greek white and the Mantonico, to name but a few.

Some cities assumed a fundamental role in the development and the cultivation of grapes: Sibari and Croton distinguished themselves in particular, giving rise to the production of the “Krimisa”, predecessor of the current  Cirò. Amongst other things, Cremissa was also the name of the Greek colony, home to an imposing temple, dedicated to Bacchus, located more or less were today there is Cirò Marina.

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