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The history of our family and of our business is linked to the image of our grandfather Cataldo, our father Francesco and to the renowned wine cultivation of the pleasant Cirò Marina, where the surname Malena is synonymous with wine. The Malena business arose in Ciro Marina. Having started through the determination of the grandfather Cataldo (1909-1994) who, a little after turning eighteen, began his admirable adventures in the old cellar in “Cutura del Marchese”. His passion and his dedication gave life to the culture of wine which now has been handed down through tradition with style. The house bears the name of its founder and boasts 80 years of history, years in which different generations have passed through: Francesco, the son of Cataldo, who dedicated his entire existence to the growth and expansion of the business, lived between barrels and vineyards, throwing passion and mastery into the art of wine making with respect to the experience passed on to him by his father; today, the sons Antonio and Cataldo, enlivened by a strong entrepreneurial dynamism, continue to live out this tradition of integrating wine and the modern cellar .

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