Passus I.G.T.

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Passus I.G.T.

Calabria Passito Bianco
Typical Geographical Indication

Grapes: Greek white 100%

Yield per Hectare: 80

Altitude: 100 m s.l.m.

Density: 5000 plants per hectare

Training method: “Alberello”

Winemaking: The grapes are carefully selected and harvested entirely by hand

Vinification: Drying on racks for 3 months to complete fermentation and ripening in French oak barrles for 1 year

Alcohol content: 15% +2

Ageing potential: 6-7 years

Color: Pink with coral highlights

Olfactory notes: Intensely complex, elegant, with notes of candied and dried fruit

Tasting notes: Delicately sweet, warm and soft, pleasantly balanced


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