Francesco Malena winery

In Calabria, the Malena family name has long been associated with magnifcent wines. Our famify history and wine business are rooted in our Grandfather Cataldo and his son Francesco. The Malena winery is based in Cirò Marina and it was started by Grandfather Cataldo (1909 – 1994) who, at just eighteen years old, began his passionate adventure in an old cellar located in the “Cutura del Marchese” district of Cirò Marina.

His passion and commitment gave birth to a wine that has grown from a small batch prodction to a distinguished vineyard  today. Francesco, Cataldo’s son, has contributed to the growth and development of the company. He has spent his entire life amongst the barrels and vineyards, following with passion, the mastery and the art of wine making passed down to him by his father. Nowadays, the vineyard is helmed by Francesco, and his brother Antonio.
Thry are driven by a strong entrepreneurial ambition and their main objective is to combine the tradition of their renewed winemaking heritage with modern wineproducion processes.