Francesco Malena's winery

Ciro Marina is located on a strip of land that goes gradually into the Ionio Sea, on the territory of Punta Alice. This area has been well known since the times of Ancient Greece as “Krimisa” settlements for its unique position and climate which are ideal for grape farming. The wine produced in this area was described by the Ancient Greeks as “Nectar of Gods“. Malena is has roots and is still exclusively produced on this wonderful land. The grapes harvested in the family vineyards are processed in a modern plant of 1,300 square meters which is equipped with stainless steel tanks and oaks barrels. The company has a storage capacity of 8,000 hectoliters with an electronic system for the wine fermentation and aging temperature control. Malena proudly integrates an old wine making culture of ancient Greek grape varieties with technologically advanced production processes.


1300 sqm
8000 hl in stainless steel

Our cellar

Francesco Malena winery

Cirò Marina (KR)

An area of ​​rare beauty, nestled between Punta Alice, the southernmost point of the Gulf of Taranto, and the Pre Sila mountains. Our story starts here.

Malena's Winery - SS 106 Loc, Petraro 88811 Cirò Marina (KR)