The heart of the company is represented by the 38 hectares of family vineyards located in the municipalities of Ciro’ and Ciro’ Marina. In our vineyards are cultivated only the native grape varieties of Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco ‘White Greek.”. Malena only uses grapes native to the region in order to protect the territory heritage that our family has represented for 3 generations.
Since 2002 we have started investing in our new cellar, adding new tecnologies to the production.
Additionally, we have adopted a new cultivation tecnique called the Cordone Speronato (pruned-spur cordon-trained) which provides lower yields but higher quality grapes. This tecnnique allows the grapes quality protection through a mechanization process. Finally, we excusively cultivate our grapes following organic farming methods. The historical vineyard and ancient terrain, along with the unique climate conditions of the territory produce a finished product revered by both aficionados and every day wine drinkers alike.


Our vineyards